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Wuhan Tian Shi Da Electric Co., Ltd. is a diversified and regional modern enterprise integrating manufacturing, R & D, trade and information services with the electric industry as the leading role, environmental protection, energy, new materials and other industries.
Wuhan Tian Shi Da Electric Co., Ltd. is committed to providing energy management, transmission and distribution processing, reactive power compensation and other power management solutions, focusing on manufacturing high voltage electrical components, intelligent transformers, reactive power compensation devices, complete sets of equipment, mobile digital substations, automation control systems and other leading products. We have 10 series of electrical products represented by TISDA products. As the president of the Hubei Transformer Industry Association, Wuhan Tian Shi Da Electric Co., Ltd. has been named "China's small and medium enterprise integrity demonstration unit", "advanced unit of industrial multiplication plan", "excellent private enterprise in Hubei province" and "demonstration unit of information". All electrical products are subject to national mandatory CCC certification. Over the years, Wuhan Tian Shi Da Electric Co., Ltd. has strictly implemented the three systems of ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001, which have been certified. The reputation of the brand, the scale of the enterprise, the management of the team, the degree of information and the content of science and technology have been in the leading level in the industry.
Wuhan Tian Shi Da Electric Co., Ltd. has always adhered to the enterprise concept of "responsibility, honesty and innovation", constantly integrated resources and optimized the configuration, and pursued the social benefits of the enterprise and the social responsibility of the enterprise while pursuing the economic benefits of the enterprise. The company also takes the knowledge oriented, professional and young management team as the core, and actively implements the innovation of four aspects of technology, marketing, management and system, and makes all the efforts to build quality Tian Shi Da, integrity Tian Shi Da and service Tian Shi Da.
"Responsibility is heaven, integrity is official, innovation is the highest." Wuhan Tian Shi Da Electric Co., Ltd. will serve our country's power, petrochemical, construction, textile, metallurgy and other industries and urban and rural construction with the leading scientific and technological force, reliable product quality, perfect after-sales service and fast information channel, and plan the grand blueprint for the future together with you!


In the four fields of power transmission and distribution equipment, power monitoring, power intelligence and energy saving, there are wide range of product lines and solutions. These products and solutions are committed to making customers more safe, reliable, energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Facing the growing demand for energy and the severe challenge of energy saving and emission reduction, Wuhan Tian Shi Da Electric Co., Ltd., through advanced products and solutions, helps customers to improve the efficiency of power use, reduce power consumption, reduce carbon emissions, and create good social, economic and environmental benefits. Wuhan Tian Shi Da Electric Co., Ltd. has been widely used in infrastructure, energy, industry, business, building, residential and other markets, such as national power plants, railways, highways, subways, airports, sports venues and other national key projects.

During the "13th Five-Year", Wuhan Tian Shi Da Electric will continue to focus on the development and cooperation in the field of power transmission, distribution, smart grid and new energy, and continue to provide green, intelligent and efficient technology, products and services for domestic and foreign users, and equipped with China and the equipment world.

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Wuhan TianShiDa Electric Co., Ltd. consists of two factories, namely, Wuhan factory and Tianmen factory.
With the industry technology leading transformer coil core production line, double foil winding machine, vacuum drying tank, epoxy resin casting equipment, multi-functional test platform and complete electrical test system and other advanced production equipment.
In strict accordance with the national and industrial standards, the production is organized, and the quality policy of "customer demand centered, production management based, continuous improvement quality system, and customer satisfaction product" is formulated.


Customer service center is one of the most important departments of Wuhan Tian Shi Da electric. Her main work is: accept customer comprehensive business consultation, provide technical support for customers; accept, coordinate, handle customer complaints, solve customer's difficult problems, communicate with customers, contact, understand customer's feelings and needs, and timely feedback customer information to relevant management departments and production enterprises and properly handle.

Customer service center consists of customer management department and technical service department. The customer management department mainly accepts the customer's comprehensive business consultation. The technical service department provides the customers with the technical support and solutions for the products before, during the sale and after sale. In order to make every customer get satisfactory service in Wuhan Tian Shi Da electric and maintain a good trust relationship with the company, we emphasize the pertinence and effectiveness of customer service, and carry out the acceptance responsibility system, which is responsible for every phone and every problem of the customer, so as to enhance mutual affection and deepen understanding. If you have any questions and needs about our products, or have any opinions and suggestions for our service, we welcome you to communicate with us at any time. We will do our best to serve you wholeheartedly. Your satisfaction is the purpose of our service. The common development of our company and our customers is our persistent pursuit.

In the face of the future, all the staff of the customer service center will care and warm customers and create brilliance with service.

Smart gridIndustrial Park

  • 研发大楼
  • 配套生活区
  • 产业园区
  • 仓储物流区
  • 生产车间

The industrial park of Wuhan airport smart grid is invested and constructed by Wuhan Tian Shi Da Electric Co., Ltd. in order to build a modern new type of private industrial base. According to the idea of "overall planning, emphasis, step by step implementation and continuous development", the development pattern of "one park and four areas" is planned and built, and the development oriented to the southeast edge Haicheng's new smart grid industrial park for import and export processing and logistics.

The realization of "four functions": one is to adjust the function of the industrial structure; the two is the function of expanding the city and promoting the level of urbanization; three is the function of promoting the development of the regional economy; four is the function of promoting the sustainable development of Wuhan's economy, society and the environment; and the realization of the "Five Combination" is the same as the implementation of the new industrialization development strategy. It should be combined with the implementation of urbanization strategy, combined with the cultivation of new economic growth points, and combined with further opening up and attracting foreign investment. Combining with the adjustment of regional economy and the distribution of productive forces, a demonstration smart grid industrial park with reasonable layout, suitable environment, complete facilities and excellent service is built through the planning structure of "one park and four districts, multi axis, multi belt, ecology, environment and boundary".

In the first four districts, the construction plan of the integrated intelligent electric network industrial park, which takes the existing industrial land of the Wuhan urban overall planning adjustment and planning as the core of the intelligent power grid industry as the core, is based on the construction of the existing industrial land, and the construction plan of the integrated intelligent electrical network is focused on the new intelligent distribution equipment manufacturing, electronic assembly, intelligent user service system, digital substation and so on. The overall layout of the three-dimensional space of a point, a line, and a surface.